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Notice the beauty

I, like many people enjoy traveling. I have been lucky enough to kiss under the Eifel Tower, kiss the Blarney Stone, see the White Cliffs of Dover and stroll through the gardens of Versailles, but these days I am focusing on the beauty of nature around me, right here in Wisconsin.

Today I enjoyed a pleasant lunch with my dad. He just turned 82 years old, walks with a cane and sadly, is nearly blind. He told me as we ate lunch that he could not see my face. I was just across the table from him but because of the lighting, he could not bring things into focus. Imagine my surprise, and delight, when he spotted a gold finch at the birdfeeder that hangs right outside his patio. He may be nearly blind but he pulled out a small, bright spot in nature and brought it into focus.

Despite the fact I am a grown woman, I am never too old to be taught a lesson from dad. He showed me how to enjoy the small things around me. He made me realize that I don't need to travel the world, but instead look for beauty around me. Later, I spotted a gorgeous garden of tulips as bright as a Wisconsin sunset growing outside the Paine Art Center in Oshkosh, WI. I asked mom if she saw the tulips and she hadn't, despite the fact she drives by there twice a day. Sometimes it is too easy to miss things under our noses. I bet mom notices them the next time she drives by.

There is a site, a mere 12 mile bike ride from home that I call "the top of the world". The ride up the hill is a definite challenge but the payoff at the top is worth the ride. I have to stop my bike to catch my breath before I plummet down the other side of the hill and it is at that time that I realize the beauty of the vista lying before me; a view as inspiring as Mount Rushmore. After my experience with dad, I realize how much I have taken this view for granted, but now I will ingrain it in my memory and enjoy it that much more.

Don't let the beauty around you go unnoticed. Enjoy it and ingrain it to memory.

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