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Nothing warms the heart like the cute things kids say

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Baby, it’s cold outside, but nothing warms the heart like the cute things from the mouth of babes – especially if they’re OUR grandbabes.

Enjoy this month’s Grandgiggles from our readers:

1.My son just came in and said there's a dead rat (it was an Opossum) on the sidewalk and there's a bunch of yellow jackets going to its funeral. Kids! MBE, Bay Village, OH2.My grandparent moniker is “Grammy”. Suffice it to say that when 2 year-old Charrie could only say “Glammy” I was thrilled. But the best was a few weeks ago during the Grammy Awards. My daughter called to tell me that 4-year old Dylan came running in, excited, shouting, “Mommy! Mommy! Grammy is going to be on TV! Is that because she’s the best grammy in the world?” I can only hope the answer was, “Yes”, but was afraid to ask. GDD, Tulsa, OK3.Yay! Grandbabies are coming over to play. Love this update from their dad: He said to Asher, "Do you know what 'trust' means? Mommy and Daddy put a lot of trust in you." Asher paused, turned to him and said, "I put a lot of love in you." Then turned to his Mommy and said, "I put a lot of love in Mommy, too." RB, Columbus, OH4.Mommy you're my best friend because you give me piggy back rides and soup and bologna sandwiches and I love you. KR, Omaha, NEB5.I love that Charlie calls Starbucks "Coffee Queen". Look at the logo. It makes sense. DJD, Cleveland, OH

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