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Nothing to see here: What liberal hate directed toward conservative women?

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You often hear there's no special venom reserved for Barbies with fangs - that is to say, Conservative women. (Actually you used to hear that more, often with a mocking little Joker smile or titter.) Today, with all the evidence building up and making a nice, convenient home on youtube channels and online news sites; it's getting harder to ignore the unique type of hate reserved for people like Sarah Palin.
The new approach is to make a subtle, deceptive shift on that denial. Yes, you will hear now, There is a bias - against all women.
You might hear that the media generally has a taste for zeroing in on gaffes - rather than real policy and serious substance.
But what you actually see, if you watch the news is the playing out of the accepted bias that is part of elites protecting their vision by protecting other elites.
In the interest of continually moving forward the progressive agenda (supported by much of the media and educational and governmental elites); gaffes of Progressives are ignored and undercovered. This approach is taken so that highly visible Progressive representatives' reputations are not diminished, so that their agendas are not laid entirely bare at any given time.
They must " free to do as they like 'without detriment to their estimation' in the eyes of others." (John Stuart Mill, "On Liberty," 1849-1873, edited by Francis E. Mineka and Dwight N. Lindsey (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1972, Vol. XVIII, p. 270.) Therefore, unless there is a situation in which one elite is less favored - as was the case when Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama slugged it out for the Democratic nomination - it is not 'okay' to disparage them. It is not okay to call them 'flakes', which is to imply that they are silly, giddy, eccentric, crazy, or unreliable.
Yet feminists (Feminism is a doctrine that seeks to promote equality between men and women.) do not even stand up when women are coming under assault.
Where are the feminists when Olbermann calls Michele Bachmann a pig?
Where are the feminists when Meg Whitman is called a whore? (Oh! That's right - some of the feminists agreed.)
Where are the feminists when Ed Shultz calls radio host, Laura Ingraham a slut?
Where are they when Larry Flynt wishes Sarah Palin's son was never born or, 'joke' that Trig is 'retarded'? Sarah Palin is, afterall, that she chose to bear him, is a mother (as no man can be) and has been savaged - as if her motherhood is mistake.
Today's feminists seem unwilling to take their position as women standing arm-in-arm, a dam against this flood of bitter ridicule. That's not a normal reaction of a serious, mature, human-focused civil rights movement.
But there's nothing to see here, folks - no hatred against Conservative women, no failure to defend by the feminist movement. No, that's your overworked imagination getting away from you behind your sloping forehead .

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