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Nothing to See Here....

I had the pleasure of meeting David Zucker (one of the producers of Airplane and The Naked Gun series of movies) last year. A wonderful, humble person who was part of a team that wrote, produced and directed some of the best comedic films (in my opinion) in the last 40 years. One of my favorite scenes in the Naked Gun series is Leslie Nielsen telling gawkers to disperse after a wild scene involving runaway vehicles and explosions.

"There's nothing to see here..."

I was thinking about this the other day in relation to how the "Lamestream" (sic) media has covered the corruption and incompetence that passes for leadership in the Executive Branch since 2009. Remember when the media was the watchdog for the nation, keeping tabs on the powerful and exposing their indiscretions? Two unknown reporters (Woodward and Bernstein) began the process which ultimately toppled a President. The corrupt Tamany Hall under Boss Tweed in the late 19th Century was toppled in no small measure by the media of the day.

Iran-Contra, Whitewater and others were all exposed in some measure due to the diligence of the media. Neither party affiliation nor ideology seemed to matter. The powerful were held accountable by the media and the media were proud of it. So what happened? Since 2009 we've seen:

Fast and Furious, where guns were sold to Mexican Drug Cartels (ostensibly to track illegal gun activities) and eventually one of the guns was used to murder US Border Patrol agent Brian Terry. And the media's response-

(Nothing to see here....)

IRS targets Conservative political groups, and the media's response-

(Nothing to see here...)

Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act changed by fiat numerous times without any Congressional approval, and the media's response-

(Nothing to see here...)

And last (for time's sake) but certainly not least- Benghazi, where an attack on an American consulate resulted in the deaths of four Americans, including the US Ambassador to Libya. And the media's response-

(Nothing to see here...)

Is it any wonder that more and more people are turning off the network news, ignoring the national magazines and passing on the New York Times.

Nothing to see there.

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