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Nothing to do but visit the 'Factory.'

This is the only non nude photo I could find.
This is the only non nude photo I could find.

If any of you plan on going out to the movies this coming weekend, you may notice an extreme dearth in new releases. In fact, there are no new releases this weekend. This always occurs the weekend after Christmas. The belief is that people are to get exhausted from the holidays and still have to muscle out plans for New Years. Pretty much every studio is hoping you'll use the weekend to catch up on the films you haven't seen or maybe go see some of them again. Which isn't a bad idea when considering how amazing Avatar is. So what to do if there is nothing for you to watch this weekend? 

If you don't already know then discover the gold that is the cheesy B horror movie. In particular, rent Death Factory. Death Factory is a movie that must be seen to be believed. The opening shot lets you know how amateur this is going to be and therefore how cheesy. The camera they use isn't of any higher quality than the one your father keeps in the closet. I like that look because you almost feel like you're going to see some place or someone that you know. At one point my dad thought he saw the parking lot of his office building in the film. Then he asked me if a friend of mine made Death Factory. I wish they had. 

Death Factory is about six community college kids who are trying to have the lamest college party anyone has ever thrown but are having difficulty one character's parents end up changing their vacation plans. So they decide to have their party at an abandoned factory where they use to work with nuclear medicine. Little do they know that the factory is stalked by Freddy kruger's step sister. 

Weirdly, the movie opens up with a voice over and some punk rocker exploring the grounds of the factory. After the introduction, he is not to be seen again. He isn't killed or even part of the narrative. So I thought maybe this was the director giving a prologue to make this seem like its based on a true story. This was not the director. The movie opens with some guy explaining the background of the movie when another actual character does the seem thing later. I've never seen such gratuitous filler in a movie. The contract must have stated the film has to be 80 minutes. This is the equivalent of trying to reach the minimum amount of pages you need on a term paper.

The most absurd thing about this movie is the sound. There is random background noise in every seen. Background noise that makes almost zero sense. The kids are prowling around the factory and there is always the sound of birds, crickets, highway traffic or a mixture of all three. The characters will be in a scene and have contrasting background noise when they speak. I can only think that they recorded all of the audio in a park later on rather than in a sound studio. 

Death Factory is filled with all of these things and all the other aspects of a B horror film. Even down to the plot twist that just comes off as silly. I know a lot of you out there like to celebrate the cheese that is movies like Death Factory. So pop this one in and have a happy New Year. 


  • Rae 5 years ago

    Why is "'Twilight' stars Taylor Lautner and Kellan Lutz to attend People's Choice Awards" a related article to this?

  • Kamaron 5 years ago

    Don't forget Death Factory: The Blood Letting