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Nothing like a well dressed man

Model: Sean C. courtesy of Upstart Media Group
Model: Sean C. courtesy of Upstart Media Group

Model: Sean C.
courtesy Upstart Media Group

Mark Twain was quoted as saying “Clothes make the man.” A truer statement there can never be. For women, style and fashion oftentimes comes second nature. After all, a woman who is perpetually out of style and shows no concern for her appearance is ostracized by society. Many men claim not to care about their appearance or fashion. The question is, when it comes to style, fashion, and general appearance, are men judged by the same standards as women? Of course!

Men’s style has gone through many phases. There was a day when men could be considered “well dressed” by just pulling together a basic white shirt, a gifted Father’s Day tie and shoes that weren’t completely run over. Enter the metrosexual movement; a period where men actually started to take more of an interest in themselves, their clothing, grooming, and representation to society. Men who didn’t do these things targeted the groups that did for being “feminine” and “unmanly”.

The truth is that a person’s style (male or female) should reflect who they are, what they value, and should display their personality to the world. First impressions are made within seconds, and today, you will be judged by your appearance and how you look matters more so than what you do, what you have, or how strong your handshake is.

What does that mean for today’s fashionable man? You don’t have to wear a 3 piece suit complete with

Model: Ramon D. Bryant

pocket square, cufflinks, and the perfect tie tack every single day. But you do need to be ready to make a statement at all times. A well dressed man is always groomed (well shaved, trimmed, and with the freshest of hair cuts); clean (yes, I said it); and wears setting appropriate clothing that compliments his body type and says “I mean business”.

Whether he is trying to attract a potential client, a new employer, a significant other, or just show the world how much he loves himself, any man can do so by putting some serious attention and effort into his appearance. That can look like the latest in trendy styles, or anywhere from basic Dockers and a polo shirt with a versatile blazer to a well ironed button down shirt with a flattering pair of jeans. 

A man need not be a declared metrosexual to be fashionable. He should however, be open to colors and patterns, should know what looks good on his body type, be willing to accessorize and think out of the box, and should look his best at all times. Believe it or not, clothing alone can transform a man’s professionalism and elevate his swagger to the next level. There is nothing, I repeat, nothing that can compare to a well dressed man. He exudes strength, confidence, influence, self-esteem, authority, status, and demands respect and appreciation. In order to be one of these men, all you have to do is try.