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Nothing beats a drunken Santa

Children love Santa, he is apathetic
Children love Santa, he is apathetic
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Around Christmas time it never seems necessary to go in search of any festive movies. More often than not they are flooding in on you from every angle. From all the cartoon and stop-motion classics of the past, to the more recent Tim Allen trilogy, which steadily beat a fun idea to death, and the odd choice of Jenny McCarthy as Santa, which would make for incredibly long lines of adolescent boys lining up in malls to ask Santa to sit on their lap. Yet, there is always the dilemma of what to watch after the PG audience has gone to bed and parents are left alone to deal with the mounting credit card debt required to provide a merry Christmas. For these special parents who could use a brief escape from holiday bliss and a reminder that things could always be worse, they can wrap themselves in the sad drunken adventures of Billy Bob Thornton in Bad Santa.
Billy Bob portrays an alcoholic safe-cracking mall Santa. Partnered with a devious mastermind midget the pair infiltrates malls to rob the Christmas profits year after year. Pursued by the stern head of mall security (Bernie Mac) Billy Bob shacks up with a friendless young boy, who is devoted to Santa Clause, and his oblivious grandmother. After robbing them he decides to spend the holidays with the broken family so he can have a safe place to drink and spend night after night with his female admirer who happens to have a Santa fetish (Lauren Graham). The plot of the movie is very simplistic, which is part of what makes it such a wonderful yuletide tale.
Despite the movie centering on alcoholism and Billy Bob’s unconventional sexual appetite; it actually imparts a fairly timeless lesson, be true to yourself. No matter how badly people are affected by Billy Bob’s corrosive and neglectful personality he doesn’t change who he is. Like all people should seek to do, he simply finds people who are willing to love him for who he is, no matter how much of their personal property he steals or destroys.
So, this year if the spirit of the season is pushing you a bit too far, just curl up with a tall glass of eggnog and let Bad Santa chase away the blues. Just make sure the children are all tucked in bed before the movie starts.