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Noteworthy facts about Facebook's social networking service

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Facebook officially today turned 10-years-old today and its history has been characterized as successful yet disruptive. In a detailed study published by the Pew Research Center Monday revealed six fascinating facts about the social giant’s performance, the overall solid growth along with usage and regular visits to the website increasing.

The company made available its much anticipated iOS app called ‘Paper’, which represents the companies possible move forward beyond its existing Facebook mobile app. In addition, as part of the decade celebration, users can visit this following URL by clicking here to generate their own movie on Facebook.

Below is a bullet listing in chronological order of the specific facts that were discovered in light of the survey:

  1. “Some users dislike certain aspects of Facebook, but fear of missing out on social activities (or “FOMO”) isn't one of them.”
  2. “Women and men often have varying reasons for why they use Facebook – but everything starts with sharing and laughs.”
  3. “Half of all adult Facebook users have more than 200 friends in their network.”
  4. “12% of Facebook users say that someone has asked them to “unfriend” a person in their network.”
  5. “Facebook users “like” their friends’ content and comment on photos relatively frequently, but most don’t change their own status that often.”
  6. “Half of internet users who do not use Facebook themselves live with someone who does.”

So looking at this list closely one cannot deny Facebook is routinely used and people use it on a daily basis. Complex reasons exist between various groups of men and women who utilize it. Businesses have quickly recognized the power of using it to attract new clients while tapping into a new revenue stream. But the one common theme that brings most of us together on it is the need to connect.

The company continues to have bragging rights of being the largest social service and paving the way for innovative products. In time pressures, obstacles and challenges will continue to mount as Facebook tries to remain the dominant player in the field.

Takeaways include that teens on this service are not going away contrary to what circulated weeks earlier in the media. The Pew survey along with Socialbakers findings confirm that teens are very much active and present on the social network.


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