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Notes on the C's

Could Kris Humphries be in Boston beyond this season?
Could Kris Humphries be in Boston beyond this season?
Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

The 2013-2014 edition of the Boston Celtics have 12 games remaining, and it’s very hard to get fired up for a team that has little to play for other than pride. With March Madness in full swing, the Bruins on fire, and the start of the Red Sox season, it is tough to focus in on the remaining games, but there are many reasons why the last 12 plus games mean something to the Celts.

Humphries’ stock

Kris Humphries’ stats don’t jump off the page when you look at them, but his 8.5 PPG and 6.1 RPG, prove that he has been the Celtics’ most consistent player this season. He is making $12 million this season, but will be an unrestricted free agent at the end of the year. Hump won’t demand nearly that amount in free agency, but the 6-8 million dollar range is definitely a possibility. Depending on what the Celts do with Avery Bradley, there is a real possibility that Humphries could be in Boston for the long run.

With nothing really to play for, the Celts at times have looked disinterested, but not Humphries. He continues to show his desire to win, as was evident by his frustration after losing to Phoenix a few weeks ago, when he threw a towel on the court as the game ended.

On a side note, wouldn’t Humphries have been a great role player on the KG/Paul Pierce Celts?

Olynyk proving his worth

The rookie season for Kelly Olynyk has been a roller coaster. From fighting an injury at the beginning of the season, to playing steady toward the end, Olynyk still has a lot to prove in the NBA. He has the ability to get to the hoop, but his toughness and strength are huge questions going forward. If he is to continue playing the 4, he will have to bulk up this offseason and learn a few more post moves.

Back to backs

Starting Wednesday against Toronto, the Celtics have three back to backs remaining in the season. Although it may not mean much, Coach Brad Stevens will have the ability to prove his game strategy in somewhat of a small playoff sample. It should be fun to watch for any adjustments the coach makes from game to game.

Draft position

The Celtics currently are tied with Utah and the Lakers for the 4th worst record in the league. Realistically, the C’s could win about 4 or 5 games max. This would mean the Celts would pick in the 5-8 range in the draft. It will be interesting to see how the Lakers, Jazz and the Magic play down the stretch.

The Celts are also looking at the Nets pick, which they own. Right now the pick would be around number 17. If the mock drafts are right, the C’s could get a nice impact player with that pick. North Carolina State's TJ Warren, the leading scorer in the ACC, would be an excellent selection with the Nets' pick.

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