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Note to Bad Azz Ent.: When you cannot trust your blood, you bleed

Trust is a concept that is significant in all aspects of most people’s lives. From time to time we may find that in the music industry, more notably, in the hip-hop community, trust becomes a foreign language. Then there are times when a lack of trust becomes sad and down right criminal.

The subject of our story with his fiancé documenting their love and life together...
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Lil Boosie - better days
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This is a true story which on many fronts will be an embarrassment to those of us who love, value and support the brand of hip-hop and the artists which provide its lifeline. To periodically be given ten dollars and then, routinely, take the eleventh without permission; that is theft. You are, by behavior and definition, a thief. We are sad to report that our investigation has lead us onto the trail of one of our beloved rap sons being blindly robbed by none other than his very own brother. This is the story of “The Theft of the Wealth of Torrence “Lil Boosie” Hatch.”

Through very credible inside sources, we have been able to substantiate the fact that Lil Boosie’s older brother Taquari “TQ” Hatch (@Tripmckinley), one time Cox cable employee, has been receiving and cashing Lil Boosie’s ASCAP publishing checks. Apparently this has been a long term practice which he has been engaged in, almost from the onset of the publishing situation being rectified. While our sources tell us that Lil Boosie’s brother, who also doubles as his manager, was authorized to receive his checks, he has also taken extra liberties with his brother’s hard earned work revenue; a la continual travel in and out of the country. Adding insult to injury, prior to his incarceration, Lil Boosie had never (that’s correct folks never) received a publishing check. That may automatically force us to question the morals and ethics of his then management and label TRILL Entertainment. But we were also told that a former one time Lil Boosie insider, was able to stop the bleeding of not receiving publishing checks however, his brother “TQ” remained (and remains) in business with TRILL. Whether Lil Boosie is aware of the actual depth of his manager-brother’s involvement with TRILL remains to be seen, we have uncovered that TRILL has actually used the names of other individuals, and associates, as “fronts” for booking Lil Boosie shows thru “TQ” with his knowledge and permission. Why would anyone do business with a label, or entity, that reportedly kept publishing dollars from your brother? On top of that, our investigation discovered at least two label reps who have said they are willing to forego any potential business affiliations with Lil Boosie, specifically due to the lack of professionalism exhibited by “TQ.” Another industry professional inquired as to if “TQ” was being intentionally steered towards one label over another for a personal financial benefit, or otherwise known as being paid “under the table.” Whatever the case, it is now an undeniable fact that opportunity after opportunity, for Lil Boosie, has been lost at the hands of his manager-brother “TQ.”

Our investigation lead us to the fact that his brother “TQ,” whom we also found out treated himself to a bright new BMW, also has a lavish ceremony planned for his nuptials this February, all while no longer being employed full-time. Unless you count cashing checks entrusted to you, spending some, and not depositing most your brother’s publishing checks as full-time employment.

Just when you thought you have read the worst, it gets worse. While Lil Boosie’s camp is not commenting, our investigation lead us to the fact that “TQ” has forced out countless professionals attempting to contribute to the growth of Lil Boosie as an artist and brand. Promoter after promoter as well as “the streets,” are insisting (many with documented proof) they have paid Lil Boosie’s manager-brother “TQ” directly for shows and then all of sudden “TQ” has stopped replying or responding to their calls and emails. We have found these allegations were made against no other person but Lil Boosie’s manager-brother, “TQ.” We have totaled at least, a low-end six-figure worth of deposits, allegedly paid directly to Lil Boosie’s manger-brother, Taquari “TQ” Hatch. Other promoters have stated they are prepared to offer Lil Boosie hundreds of thousands of dollars, in cash, for shows but absolutely refuse to give “TQ” any funds based on the experiences of their fellow promoters. In some cases, while these situations might be unbeknownst to Lil Boosie, many promoters are questioning how he could not be aware. Others have put it in milder terms and insisting this is a “health issue” for Lil Boosie’s manager-brother, “TQ” as he is a known compulsive gambler. But we say, as a responsible reporter to our readership and music community, this is a “hip-hop issue”. We had to ask ourselves, just how envious is “TQ” of his brother’s life, career and almost certain mega wealth? Barring the financial support given to his kids, coupled with the support given to him from the likes of Yo Gotti (as repeatedly cited on social media) and a very few other celebrity friends, how on earth can Lil Boosie be short on cash? We say ask his manager-brother, “TQ,” is the unemployed “TQ” short on cash?

Some may question the role, knowledge of and loyalty of Lil Boosie in these situations, but logic tells us when your faith, and fate, allows you to dodge the bullet that Lil Boosie has, what benefit would he have in being disloyal to, or engaging in defrauding the very people who support him and his career? None. We have faith that Lil Boosie, upon his release, will remain loyal to the few who have been loyal to, and supportive of him.

But to the previously unsupportive sibling, who many never even knew existed until Lil Boosie’s acquittal , one must see it for what it is. Perhaps it was a collaborative effort. How could the fiancé of “TQ,” Nadia Pappas (@Nadipas), who has shared in what seemingly is a life of luxury, not question his new-found wealth? Well we certainly are not alleging she was involved and we admit to not knowing the answer to the aforementioned but as stated above, facts are facts. Checks cashed, not deposited or significant savings set aside. New luxury vehicle. Lavish wedding. Cash deposits taken for bookings. Travel abroad while unemployed.

And while we are all amazed at how anyone can do this to another let alone your brother, we also took the liberty to inquire about the legality of it all. We had one question; who is left holding the tax bill on all the money that was paid out to Torrence “Lil Boosie” Hatch but spent by someone-else? After all failure to pay taxes is a crime but how can he possibly be held responsible for paying taxes on money he never had any knowledge of ever receiving?

We insist that you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to get the answer correct but, nevertheless, as true fans and supporters of Lil Boosie, this is an embarrassment. It’s a sad story. A hip-hop family tragedy.

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