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Not your ordinary fans


Daniel O'Donnell

On Thursday, August 20th, Target Center hosted a crowd like no other. The concert-goers flocked from across the upper Midwest arriving to the arena on nearly seventy five motor coaches. Hundreds of loyal fan groups came for the show. Many people were adored in screen-printed shirts that displayed photos from last year's concert and proved that they had met the legend in person.  One 93-year old woman trekked from northern Minnesota to the concert to celebrate her birthday with friends. Another passionate fan, unable to attend the concert, sent a bouquet of flowers to be delivered to the artist in lieu of her presence.

 You might be wondering who this artist was that drew such fanatical followers to TargetCenter and captivated for a three-hour show. The artist is none-other than the world-renowned, easy-going, Irish crooner Daniel O’Donnell. A native of Ireland, Daniel charmingly delighted fans with his on-stage personality as he sung his signature variety of country, 60’s pops, inspirational ballads and Irish standards. Featured on PBS specials as well as concerts in Branson, Missouri, Daniel interacts with and connects with each audience! Not only does Daniel waltz into the aisles for hugs and pictures all while singing, he even sticks around after the show to meet his incredible fans. If you have not already guessed, Daniel O’Donnell followers are primarily 65+ and despite possible physical challenges, they are just as excited and willing to venture into Minneapolis as the tweens are to see the Jonas Brothers.

Daniel O’Donnell has found his niche!