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Not your mama's cookbook: Searching online for recipes and inspiration

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Growing up, I remember my mother and aunts and grandmothers all having an extensive cookbook collection. These ladies also had index cards and notes stuffed into boxes and binders on recipes they loved, their families would eat, and were relatively easy to prepare. Whenever a church social, baby shower, or funeral would arrise, out came the little boxes and folders. Kitchen tables would be covered in paper as they cross referenced tried and true recipes with peoples' tastes and what they had on hand.

Today, things are a bit different it seems in this increasingly digital age. Where our mothers and grandmothers had libraries of cookbooks, we have bookmarked pages and folders on our laptops or desktops. Within moments, we can type a recipe or ingredient into a search engine, and millions of ideas are at our fingertips. And not only do we have the recipe with step by step instructions, but we have comments from other people's attempts and beautifully depicted pictures of how our end results should look. That is definitely something lacking from the analog cooking approach.

Almost everyone has come to know and love in the past year. By typing in your food longings, you are rewarded with picture after picture linked back to (in most cases) instructions on how to create that delicious looking meal or appetizer. But there are other similar sites that I like to call my "digital cookbooks" with equally appetizing ideas and mouthwatering pictures.

Let the dust gather on your old cookbooks while you peruse these tasty links below.