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Not your average Donkey(s) show

The Donkeys live at the Irenic-slide0
Photo: Lauren Wilson

San Diego has no shortage of talented musical acts within the city. One such band, The Donkeys, formed in 2004 and is made up of Sam Sprague, Tim DeNardo, Jessie Gulati and Anthony Lukens. The band has won best rock band at the San Diego Music Awards (2012) and their song "Excelsior Lady" was covered by the fictional artist, Geronimo Jackson, for the hit TV show, LOST.

Friday night, fans gathered at the Irenic in North Park for the band's 4th full length album's, Ride the Black Wave, release party. With a arge number of people in attendance, many of which were sporting flannel, beards and PBR, it was evident from the get go how much of a local following the boys have gained in their years as a band.

The Donkeys exude a sound and style that is just a bit different to be unique, while still familiar enough to draw attention. What sounds like folk rock a la Crosby and Nash and the Grateful Dead, underneath the layers lies a hint of California surf rock. Between the hand claps and impressive guitar solos, The Donkeys keep a more mellow vibe, while maintaining an entertaining show. Throughout the night, the band would rapidly trade off vocal duties, a fine quirk I hadn't witnessed before.

The Donkeys are one of the more popular local acts that San Diego has it its musical circuit and is definitely worth a listen. Check out their newest album, Ride the Black Wave.

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