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Not Taking Things For Granted Helps Us Enjoy Life Every Day

By Steve Beseke, senior vice president, think2perform –

It is definitely easy to say. Uniquely, there is so much that each of us should be thankful for in life. Most of the time, we are able to smell the roses and enjoy what we have. Occasionally struggles or challenges happen.

That's why we should never take anything for granted in life and enjoy the moment.

I have occasionally found this hard to do throughout my life. But my wife's recent herniated disc operation has really brought the message home.

Seven months ago she was a picture of health, in great shape and ready to tackle the rest of her life. Then, what's seemed like a fraction of a moment, she began feeling severe lower back radiating down one of her legs. Since then, her quality of life physically has been all about dealing with the pain that would never seem to go away. With her recent hospital procedure, we expect her pain to be a distant memory soon.

It, however, shows we can never take anything for granted no matter how much we planned and done everything the right way. Something could happen that could affect our happiness. A loved one dying unexpectedly, a teenager not acting appropriately… You can feel in your own set of unique blanks.

That's when I think all of us need to step back in some way to see how much we have in life, the people who value us and those we couldn't live a day without.

While my wife's procedure was not life threatening, it still caused me a lot of stress because I love her so much. Usually she is worrying about the physical pain I go through daily. I want her to be back as close to perfect physical health, so she can do exactly what she wants for the rest of her life.

That's why I don’t want to take a moment for granted…she provides me much happiness. Giving her my unconditional support allows her to know she is not alone in the recovery process – especially on those days when the recovery means some occasional pain.

Is your life, I suggest looking at the various people important to you. Step back and see if that “take for granted symbol” is on any portion of your relationships

If so, change the way you are living life to help you become happier.

By doing this myself, I'm enjoying life even more knowing that I'm doing all I can to enjoy life – despite navigating through some challenging currents.

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I hope you are enjoying life today!

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