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Not spending is the best way to save

Go green by not cracking open that piggy bank!
Go green by not cracking open that piggy bank!
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I really hate hearing people brag about how much they saved by buying something on sale they never needed in the first place. That's not saving. That's spending. Spending less is a good start. What else can be done to make the money go further? My Mom taught me to save money the old fashioned way. Spending less money and being frugal was necessary and admired when she was young. Saving money is a moot point, when spending it on something unneeded.

Saving leftovers in the fridge?

Bad idea! Put them in the freezer. Spending a little time doing this may be saving money by not having to throw away good food. Leftovers are never eaten the next day so why are you saving them in the fridge? That meatloaf creates less interest the day after it was eaten than it will next week. Plus, you won't have to buy so many meals on your next grocery trip. Spending money to buy the same item thrown away a week ago is ridiculous.

Make large batches of things like chili and soup that can be frozen.

This is saving time and costs less money. It takes the same amount of time to make a big batch of something that's a family favorite. Next time they want some you"ll be spending less time in the kitchen. Cooking in bulk also means spending in bulk and we all know this costs less. It's a no brain way of saving money.

Note: Freeze in single portions so the leftovers are few. This is great for nights you don't want to cook and everyone wants something different.

Saving money is as easy as buying in bulk and freezing.

A surprising amount of food can be frozen. We are spending less and saving money by buying in bulk on sale and freezing. This can be done with just about any food on sale. Your family could be spending a lot less in the long run this way.

Saving money by buying for less works for toiletries and dry goods as well.

You may be spending more on that 24 pack of tissue but, cost per roll, spending less is the actual result. Forget individually packaged snacks and treats. Big packages cost less. Buy in bulk. Split it up yourself. Spending a bit more for that mega bottle of hand soap and refilling the dispenser saves the environment too. Think of all the dispensers spending eternity in the landfill.

Seasonal items should only be purchased at the end of the season.

I buy all my Christmas wrap, bows, tags etc. at 90% off about 2 weeks after Christmas. A 5.99 roll of wrapping paper costs just 59 cents at 90% off! A 2.99 pack of bows becomes 29 cents. Christmas comes every year. Why not be spending less on these packaging accessories? Same goes for decorations. Or just use what is on hand rather than spending money on the latest trend. Saving packaging after use is also a great way of saving money.

Share money saving, less wasteful strategies with a friend.

Let each other know when a common item like ketchup or spaghetti sauce is on sale. Saving means buying these canned foods in bulk too. Ask the supermarket manager if a case of an item you are always spending money on costs less. Check the clearance bins at the grocery store as well. Saving money is simple when you don't waste money on a whim.

Portions of this article were previously published by this author on a now closed Yahoo property.

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