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Not Returning late Movie Video Might Get You Arrested Like Kayla Finley Was

Kayla Finley arrested for not returning video to store nine years earlier
Kayla Finley arrested for not returning video to store nine years earlier
Photo Credit - Police State USA

If you did not return a movie video years ago you just might want to go hunting in your closet or basement for it like a South Carolina woman probably wish she had done. It seems that Kayla Finley did not return a movie video nine years earlier and while it slipped her mind, it probably should not have, because she was arrested according to Fox News.

The 27-year-old woman’s oversight cost her a night in jail and certainly may send her on a hunt for perhaps other slightly borrowed items that just may have slid under her memory’s radar.

It appears that Finley showed up at the Pickens County Jail on an unrelated matter to report a crime. While there much to her surprise the police in turn charged her with the missing movie video rental which was nine years late .

Some might say that this may have been overkill or perhaps a slow day at the old jailhouse, but the police were quite serious as her booking mug shot shows. After being processed the delinquent movie watcher was escorted to her jail quarters for the night, where she could reminisce over the movie, “Monster-in-Law” which starred Jennifer Lopez and Jane Fonda.

The former owner of the store wanted justice for his missing video and decided to go for ‘reel’ justice by going to court and gaining a judgment against Finley for “failure to return a video or cassette,” reports Fox News.

It seems that remiss video renter may have been a little more enamored over the movie than she probably should of, because the owner claims he had sent several warning notices to her home concerning the missing movie, according to Fox News. After former video store owner received his court judgment against Finley, the cold case got hot when she showed up at the Pickens County Jail.

If there is a lesson to this movie video cautionary tale, it is that it probably pays dividends to simply buy the darned movie instead of spending a night in the pokey courtesy of a movie like the “Monster-in-Law”

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