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Not recommended for adoption: No further extensions for petrified white husky

Can anyone find an approved rescue to save this dog before he is euthanized?
Angels for Animals Network

UPDATE: Spirit has been rescued by Goliath Mountain Rescue. You can follow his progress by clicking here. Thank you to everyone for helping find a safe place for this beautiful dog.

A white Siberian husky mix named Spirit will no longer be granted any extensions to live; he is scheduled to be euthanized later this week at OC Animal Care located on City Drive South in Orange, Calif.

Tragically the four-year-old male dog can't adjust to shelter life and has refused to be handled; therefore making him unadoptable by OC Animal Care rules. Only an approved registered 501(c3) shelter organization will be permitted to rescue this dog.

Thousands of comments, thousands of shares, and over $1,100 in pledges have been raised to help a legitimate organization help Spirit, but no one as of yet has made a commitment to save this dog's life.

Follow this dog's desperate plight to be rescued by clicking here.

Spirit came into the shelter, after being picked up as a stray on April 12. He's petrified and defensive; who can blame him with the noises, the other dogs, strangers all around, and nothing familiar? Where is his family he wonders, and why haven't they come here to take me home?

Please share this boy's story with your friends, relatives, and coworkers. Someone you know may be the person who can make the difference.

Please refer to Spirit's ID#A1314667. You may call (714)-935-6848.

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