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Not ready for Hillary Clinton

Not ready for Hillary Clinton. The media and Democrats are doing their level best to anoint Hillary Clinton as the next president. Why would anybody want a failed secretary of state and an insufferable first lady as president? Are the Democrats that deplete of candidates? The media is atoning for their absolute enabling which put Barack Obama in the White House. So putting Clinton back in the White House will somehow absolve their previous sins. Unfortunately there is a country to run not a sorry soap opera.

The New York Times is showing their support for Clinton. They featured her in a recent New York Times Sunday Magazine. There was hardly a flattering picture of her on the cover. Her caricature resembled Lord Voldemort not Hillary Clinton.

In her early days as secretary of state, she presented Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov with a button, which supposedly had the Russian word for ‘Reset.’ Only, it was the wrong word. Granted, my fifth-grade niece could have found the correct translation. That blunder alone should have warned the country about her incompetence.

Shall we mention, ‘What difference does it make,’ to further accentuate her ineptitude about Benghazi? The country will never get the truth from her about Benghazi just as we didn’t get it from President Obama during his interview with Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly on Super Bowl Sunday.

She shamelessly lied as first lady protecting former President Clinton with his sexual involvement with an intern and subsequent perjury. The White House is an American Relic. Truth and honesty should reside inside and out.

This country is not a theocracy or monarchy. The United States is a constitutional republic. Certainly from a population of 315 million people, there are capable candidates from both parties and undoubtedly far more qualified than Hillary Clinton. There are three families we at the Oakland Examiner don’t want as president. They are Bush, Clinton and Kennedy. Each family has been there. These same families made second and third attempts.

The country is barely surviving with Obama. Our economy is still stagnant and global terror is increasing. One self-serving drama queen is enough. We don’t need another.

Final Thought: We reported in a previous installment that 10% of the work force earns minimum wage. The correct figure is 1%.

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