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Not putting up with hard water, or salt

Adam Benjamin
Adam Benjamin
Culligan can make the hard ater spots go away. ithout salt softeners in the wash.

Water softeners that work can leave water system customers with regrets. Too much salt. Culligan can set up San Diegans with a salt-free alternative to the typical water softener that keeps spots off the glasses washed with municipally treated water.

Taking the time to find out how a home's water stands up to a water quality test can show what the ater is made of. Minerals and contaminants are not always easy to smell. A call to the Culligan Man can help a family make sure their water softener keeps their family safe, and efficiently keeps water treatment costs down. The San DIego company located at 885 Gateway Center Way sends out a licensed professional to do a fresh water test.

"Remember that this is a free public service," Culligan says.

The professional tests the water, fixtures, plumbing, and appliances that use the water.

Test positive for minerals? Brights washed in the hard water faded? San Diegans who want a home water softening system without the salt banned in some communities can get an alternative treatment from Culligan, potassium-chloride water softening. It works as efficiently as the Culligan salt water softeners.

"You’ll get the same high quality soft water Culligan of San Diego is known for, while cutting back on your energy and water costs," Culligan says. "You will also be decreasing your home’s environmental footprint."

Trained and certified Culligan service professionals install the potassium-chloride water softener systems. The systems have an automatic sensor that notifies a service professional the system needs service, or maintenance. More potassium chloride comes with the servie man. Inspections can find mineral build up.

Salt-free softener systems bought from Culligan can take the place of water softener systems bought at big box stores. Layers of soap scum in the shower need time, and the right softening system, to go away.

"Better water" can stop hard water problems.

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