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Not over it: Michael Vick is a smirking killer

Michael Vick is a smirking killer
Michael Vick is a smirking killer

It would seem that half of the populace is outraged by the news that Michael Vick signed with the New York Jets, and the other half of the populace is outraged that the first half is outraged.

Is it really so farfetched and outrageous that animal advocates are upset that Michael Vick, infamous dog-fighter and all-around unpleasant man, continues to be in the spotlight? Isn’t it just a wee bit callous for some to roll their eyes and tell these people to “get over it”?

Let’s review some facts:
1) Michael Vick tortured and killed a staggering amount of dogs for sport.
2) Dogs that Michael Vick didn’t feel were performing properly were electrocuted.
3) Dogs that did not win fights (and didn’t die in them) were subjected to severe beatings, and then hanged.

We could look into more, but the purpose of this article is not to make the reader retch from the atrocities committed.

The argument that Michael Vick has, “Served his time, and is reformed,” doesn’t hold much stock. For just a moment, think about how truly evil a person must be to torture and kill a living being – just for entertainment. Do you think that kind of evil simply disappears because the villain is caught and serves time in jail?

While Michael Vick isn’t the only football player with a hideous record, it is disturbing that any team in the NFL wants to associate with this man. What does it say to children watching the beloved sport? That you can get away with a truly repellent crime and still be paid millions? Who really wants to send that message?

This author would argue that anyone who thinks it’s time to, “Get over it” needs to take a good look inside themselves, because that kind of attitude is disconcerting. Michael Vick is a killer, and he’s smirking right into your TV screen, because for some reason he still has support despite his appalling crimes.

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