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Not only is it Doris Day's 90th, but it's Brando's too

For those who follow my articles know that I've wrote about Doris Day celebrating her 90th birthday, which today also marks Marlon Brando's 90th birthday too. Brando was born on this day in 1924 and had passed away in 2004. The actor made many contributions to film from his first film "The Men" to his last film "The Score." Over his career span, he took on roles that were always challenging and interesting.

For those who are interested in watching his works and more about him, here's a list that will be helpful:

Craft: Marlon Brando:

A very short (3 mins) video from MGM. The video is an original short that looks at Marlon Brando's performances and his acting craft. A great video for those who aren't too knowledgeable about his works.

"The Men"

Released in 1950, it marked Marlon Brando's first film. Before he was in film, Brando was known for his work on Broadway. Tessa Wright also starred with him in the drama, and Stanley Kramer had directed the movie. It's currently streaming on Netflix at the moment.

Marlon Brando winning an Oscar for "On the Waterfront

The official page of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science shared this video on Youtube. It is of Brando winning for "On the Waterfront." He won the Best Actor award at the 27th Annual Academy Awards in 1955. That was just 5 years after his first movie role!

"Mutiny on the Bounty (1962)"

Amazon currently has this movie to rent for $2.99, which is worth the price seeing that you'll be renting a movie that is a little bit over 3 hrs! Don't get scared away by the length, own it and seen it several times, it's a great adventure drama. If it's not a film for you,

So those are just some options on the web to get a taste of who Brando was, if you don't no. If you do know, it's then a refresher! To get a good look at his career, here's a list of his filmography: Marlon Brando. I advise anyone to see his movies if they haven't yet, then decide if you're a fan! I know personally I am. Happy 90th Brando!

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