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Not Margurite Duras: TPG chicken soup a budget friendly find

Not Margurite Duras: TPG Soup is budget friendly good
Not Margurite Duras: TPG Soup is budget friendly good
Oklahoma Historical Society

Margurite Duras. Legendary cook and entertainer. Duras believed soup should be made in 15 minutes. Here is her soup rule, and her famous leek soup. Marguerite Duras truly famous as a French author and movie director

Summer is a funny time to make soup in Oklahoma. It is typically 80 degrees before 9am, and often well over 100+ by supper. My office mate and I have an ongoing contest to see what soup can be made in the crockpot, from scratch, and so here was today's lunch.

Not Margurite Duras: TPG Chicken Soup Recipe

Roast 2 leg/thigh pieces of chicken, lightly salted over night on low in the crock pot. ( This meat cut, skin on is available for about 2$ at the Super Cao Nguyen Market just off 25th and North Classen Boulevard #lovetheneighbors).

Remove the chicken skin, bone and debris and reserve bitesized pieces on a plate.

Remove liquid from the pot, strain. Consider setting this in the fridge while attending the chicken if fat is an issue or if fat needed for another purpose. Refrigeration willl make the oils rise to the top of the liquid, then you can decide. Wipe the pot of debris.

In a 1.5qt crockpot return the chicken and liquid to the clean pot

1/2 a white onion, finely chopped

1/2 c chopped sweet potato, peel on or off

1/4 c chopped carrot

2 large cloves of garlic roasted until skin is brown. ( usually these are made enmasse, and kept in the freezer. So if the grill is on, or the cloves can be roasted in number .... parcel them for other use later).

3Tbsp tomato paste

Garlic salt to taste

4 tsp ground red pepper

1Tbsp parsley flakes

2 c curly mustard greens washed and chopped ( theses are springy even cooked, great texture) Both SCNM and Buy for Less, or 23rd Street Market have this type of veg regularly, sometimes pre-prepped

Add water to cover, which is probably about 4 c water.

Cook this mixture for about 2 hours.

Then add

1 heaping soup spoon of peanut butter, we had crunchy in............ SO that is probably about as much as 1/3c ........ :) ROFL

2 smallish, but not minature, ( size of a baseball) red skinned potatoes chopped and roasted in the microwave for 4 minutes, covered generously in fresh ground black pepper and light salt, olive oil. These should have a slight browning texture, but not be tough or very brown

Cook another 2 hours

Add chopped fresh spinach probably about 4 cups. This brightens the pot contents a great deal.

Check the seasoning again.

Cook for another 30 minutes and serve.

This makes about 6 servings, and is a ultimately light but flavorful soup.

T Tomato, P Peanutbutter, G Greens = TPG Chicken Soup

Marguerite Duras would probably not approve. ROFL.

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