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Not likely a mountain lion viewed on video roaming Norwalk neighborhood

Experts have determined the animal pictured is not a mountain lion; the species is still unknown.
Experts have determined the animal pictured is not a mountain lion; the species is still unknown.
City of Norwalk County Facebook screengrab

Originally thought to be an aged lion roaming the residential neighborhood in the City of Norwalk in California, the Department of Fish and Game expert Dr. Becky Pierce and Don Nelson, the game warden, have concluded the animal's image caught on a surveillance video is not a mountain lion.

The announcement came on Friday afternoon on the City of Norwalk's Facebook stating:

"Department officials still cannot definitively identify the type of animal. They will continue to investigate.

Earlier this afternoon, a department representative visited the neighborhood where the animal was spotted to provide information and resources to help residents in the event they see the animal."

Earlier in the week, the video capturing the image, near a home on the 11000 block of Tina Street at 3:45 a.m. had neighbors worried. The animal was moving very slowly as if it were old.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Office is being more diligent in the area, hoping to spot the animal, and residents are urged to be careful. Some residents think someone may have been keeping an exotic cat as a pet, and the animal escaped. The animal was not aggressive, and there have not been anymore sightings in the past two days.

Click here to view the surveillance video. What do you think?

If you spot a mountain lion, or any other wild animal in your neighborhood, contact the Department of Fish and Wildlife, Southern Regional Enforcement Office in Los Alamitos: 562-598-1032, or SEAACA Animal Control: 562-803-3301

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