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Not just a pretty face

Sometimes celebrities really do have helpful tidbits of advice that are applicable to our every day lives. Huh....imagine that.

In the February issue of In Style, Channing Tatum was featured in the "Man of Style" section. One of the questions posed to him was "When you make a movie, how much do you think about a character's wardrobe?" His response was to quote a conversation he'd had with Joseph Gordon-Levitt on his first film, Havoc. Joseph told him that he doesn't feel like the character (he's playing) until he picks out the shoes. "Shoes make you walk differently and change your whole persona, so they're something I always pay attention to."

Thank you, Joseph Gordon-Levitt. for putting it so simply into words that every woman can understand! Shoes do make you walk differently, and they do change your whole persona! Try walking the same way you do in running shoes as you do in 4 inch heels! High heels make you pay attention to your posture and you walk with more confidence.

I find it so ironic that it took a man to point this out, since men don't (typically!) walk around in high heels, one would think that this concept would be more applicable to women. But, lo and behold, men change their posture and their persona based on foot wear too! So the next time you're headed out for a night on the town with your man, take a minute and check out his choice of foot wear too. Make sure that he's got his "Rico-Suave-esque" shoes on and allow him to strut his stuff too.