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Not going Gaga? We may have "The Answer"

There's a new sound out of South Africa and its coming to Bean Town's House of Blues. Die Antwoord sounds edgy with coarse lyrics but they rap harder than most acts on the world stage right now. In the past they even traded social media blows with Lady Gaga. Gaga reportedly asked the group to open for her and was turned down. The story didn’t end there; the band had some editorial comments to make about Gaga’s music. The back and forth scathing remarks resulted in the controversial and NSFW video for “FATTY BOOM BOOM.” Besides the use of “black face” makeup, the video depicts a Lady Gaga lookalike character in a meat dress on tour in seemingly rough South African neighborhood. Without “spoiling” any surprises, the character in the video has an unfortunate trip to the gynecologist and gets eaten by a lion. Having sold out many of their concerts in and out of South Africa, the new rap sensation is primed and ready to stir up the dirty water. The show will take place June 7th at the House of Blues’ Lansdowne Street location. Tickets range from $27 to $39 and the show is open to all ages though because of the coarse nature the show is not for kids. On other outlets, the band can be found both on YouTube and Sound Cloud. If you’re looking for a rap group that’s hard and fresh, look no further than Die Antwoord. It just might be your “answer."