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Not Forgotten

What demographic is your church trying to reach?

Think about it for a moment. Your church may be trying to reach young families with children, because they will help the church grow - as babies grow up, they are taking up space in preschool, children's, and youth departments, and the parents stay for the kids. Or maybe your church is trying to reach teenagers, singles or even senior adults.

Now think more specifically about the demographic of your church. Besides age range, what about social status, nationality, language and race?

Stop for a moment and think ... Is there anyone left out or forgotten when the focus is only on these people groups?

Churches have focused on specific people groups for years. Some churches focus on specific language groups, teaching and learning preferences, etc. These most likely conformed to a specific demographic homogeneous grouping. This prefernce may even extend beyond your specific church to your area or even entire denomination.

Why is this a bad thing? People get left out. Some Christians in your church feel like they don't belong or are not accepted, causing them to leave the church. Many non-Christians don't understand - to the point of confusion over what Christianity believes and about the Bible.

How might your church begin to invite more people in your community who are outside of the "demographic" that has been focused on in the past?

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