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Not exactly a shocker from Ricky Martin


  • CR 6 years ago

    Ricky Martin is certainly not a coward. Whether a million people suspected him as a gay man has no relevance. What is relevant is that he decided for himself that this was the time that he was comfortable with announcing it. It wasn't for everyone else. It was the personal freedom of no longer carrying that secret. Do not trivialize it. As a heterosexual I will never fully understand how hard it is, but I know that it is time to make a change in our society and I wish Ricky every success. He is a great talent and human being.

  • David 6 years ago

    CR, you're a fool if you don't think this "announcement" had nothing to do with drumming up publicity for Martin's upcoming memoir. However hard it was or not, the fact is he isn't as popular these days, and this put him right back in the spotlight.

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