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Not everyone is a party animal, be considerate of your roommate

Carpe diem
Carpe diem

Carpe Diem. Life is short so it’s best to make the most of it. Live your life to the fullest while making good decisions. Party hard and responsibly and remember that too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. Take into consideration that not everyone is a party animal and maybe your roommate is one of those people.
When living with other people it’s always important to be considerate. If you wouldn’t like it done to you, odds are neither would your roommate. Remember that you no longer live alone and that other people are affected by your actions. Some people have to wake up early for a multitude of reasons and being loud and boisterous will definitely be a pain to your roommate.
Be considerate of your roommate and ask if they mind you having a party. This is something that should be discussed way in advance, not an hour before the party is supposed to happen. When discussing the pending party, be as specific as possible. There is a difference between a few friends coming over (which is a kickback) and bring 4 friends who are bringing 12 friends each (Project X). Make sure you extend the invitation to your roommate as well, specifically because it’s their living space as well as yours and you don’t want to kick them out.
If your roommate has something to do and cannot accommodate the party, just plan for it to be somewhere else or a different date. There is no need to try to coax them into it. If you asked ahead of time you should have no issue finding a new place. Sometimes roommates may not even mind as long as you keep the noise down. Clearly, if they should state that it doesn’t mean have a full blown out party with 50 people and loud music. No, they are talking about a few friends over who are being conscious of a sleeping person in the next room. Don’t take advantage of their niceness.
You may even decide to go out to a party so that your roommate isn’t disturbed. If you go out to a party, do not bring the party back to your place. Meaning, the noise and rambunctious behavior should be left at the party. Turn on only what’s necessary and try to remain quiet.
It’s always fun to go and have a good time but don’t leave your roommate out of the fun. Ask them if they would like to go or meet you at the party. Give them the opportunity to decline instead of assuming that they wouldn’t like to go. And if they do decide to go make sure you exit the party with the people you came with. You don’t want to leave friends behind at a party unless you are sure that they are fine and that there is someone else there you know and trust to leave with them. This is especially important if there is alcohol at the party.
Remember there is more to life than hard work and dedication to your career, but it never hurts to stop and smell the roses and party with friends on the way to success.

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