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Not electable: Cruz, Paul, Rubio

What will it take before the Republican Party learns what it takes to become a viable party in America that can win national elections? Frankly, one thing will be for Republicans to occupy both the House and the Senate with majorities. If that happens, America has spoken. As it appears, the Republicans will do just fine in Election 2014 midterm elections, keeping their majority. They might even have a chance to win a whisker majority in the Senate just as the Democrats have now. So, why would a political analyst right off Cruz, Paul, and Rubio.

Cruz, Paul, Rubio:  Not electable
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Two out the three are professional politicians. One out of three is an eye doctor. One out of three was not born in the USA. Two have Latino ancestry. The Latino ancestry could be an asset, yet neither have produced immigration reform such that Latino immigrants would be pleased. All three have demonstrated hostility and lack of empathy for poor and middle class citizens. All three are men when most women in America want to see women in the executive branch.

All three are right wing conservatives and America is not a right wing conservative nation. It is trending hard away from that. The Hill’s Alexander Bolton writes that these GOP Senators are fighting for the 2016 nomination. They can do that all they want and it will have as much effect as investigating Benghazi one more time.

“Cruz, Paul, Rubio fight for 2016
By Alexander Bolton

Sens. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), Rand Paul (R-Ky.) and Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) are emphasizing different themes this month, each aimed at different slices of the Republican primary electorate.

Their colleagues are beginning to look outside the Senate at governors and former governors as the most promising candidates to nominate for the White House in 2016. Senior GOP senators say Republicans from outside the Beltway are more electable.

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