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Not Dracula combines forces, releases "Demo"

Not Dracula - Demo

Early this month, a new cacophony graced the San Jose soundscape. It's metal, though not exactly. It's soul, though not exactly. The only thing we can be sure of is that it doesn't suck -- not even blood.

Not Dracula has given us a first glimpse at their new wares, driving an experimental stake through the heart of convention. (You see what I did there? Could do it all day.) The vocals smack of Mike Patton (Faith No More, Tomahawk) . . . or is it Elvis Costello? The guitar work beckons Hendrix . . . or maybe Kerry King (Slayer).

I really don't know, but Taylor Martinez (vocals/guitar), Ed Pereira (bassist) and Rob Toloy (drums) are having a good think about it all on Not Dracula's first, 2-song demo, aptly titled "Demo.' Featuring members of Old Man and Vulture Smile, the act is the epitome of comprehensive dropping names like Animals as Leaders, Modest Mouse, Coverge and Marvin Gaye as likenesses and influences.

It's early days for the act, though a more formal E.P. is on the horizon. Not Dracula is simply scouting out gigs, establishing set lists, and even figuring out just exactly who and what they are. They're not Dracula - that's a hell of a start.

And it just might be one of the best things you hear, this year. Just sayin'.

For the love of all things not-so-unholy listen to Not Dracula's "Demo" via Bandcamp. Then go be a dear, and like them on Facebook.

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