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Not bad, Maleficient

Evil has a beginning

The newest Maleficent has arrived. Disney has out did itself once again, and yet one wonders where it will end. After all, they have been entertaining audiences for almost a century now and still they flock to the newest film, regardless of its character.

In this case, Maleficent the villain of the Sleeping Beauty story is turned into a hero of sorts. She is not bad after all, but just a very angry little girl who takes vengeance upon the child of her true love, King Stefan.

Raised in the alternate kingdom, side by side with the human one of which he is just a simple serf, she first catches him stealing a large jewel from her kingdom and then later something much more important to her, her heart.

Benevolent is the opposite of Maleficent, bestowing good upon others, while doing evil is the origin of her name. This play on words in the mark of Disney, using both verbal and physical signs to convey the good from the bad.

Here the story unveils her as a child with no parents in a magical place, where a young human boy comes to play. He desires wealth and power, which he gains by using her kindness, turning her into a monster of hatred and vengeance.

The movie uses both animation and humans to convey the storyline, played out well with the magical forests revealing both charming creatures and not so charming ones.

The Medieval kingdom on the other side of the forest or river is typical of the ones Europe must have had on a small scale prior to the Crusades when many united against a common enemy.

The beautiful Aurora is born to a false king who has lied to get his crown and the daughter of the previous king. She is a blond beauty, ready to smile at strangers and villains. She is both blessed and cursed.

And then it happens, with the boy who only wanted to be King sets about to destroy the very one who feel in love with him, she watches over the three foolish fairies as they attempt to raise the princess in the woods.

The entire movies is worth the effort the producers put into supporting it, the ending is as revealing as the beginning. One can only guess as to what will befall the fairy tale princess and who enemy from birth, or watch it with breath held to the very end.

A Disney movie which dwells on darkness, may be part of the Twenty-first century, but it is worth the price, for it is not bad at all to view. It opens this weekend, May 30, 2014.

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