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"Not all' Republicans are racist

Wow. 'Not all' Republicans are racist. So says Representative Steve Israel of New York. Thank you for being so magnanimous. Those of us Republicans who are not racist appreciate your being so considerate of us.

This is the new Democratic party line, apparently. Nancy Pelosi has gotten into the act as well, insinuating that the GOP is racist. This demonstrates quite well the panic which is spreading through Democratic ranks as the 2014 by elections loom, and the 2016 Presidential race inches closer to the spotlight. It is an old leftist trick: when you're losing, call the right racist.

This is an insult; this is effrontery, especially coming from a power mad group which uses every obscure parliamentary trick in the book to get its way. We wonder what the response might have been had a Republican remarked that 'not all' Democrats are stupid. Yet even we'll admit that the trouble with such a remark is that they aren't really stupid. They're playing the political smear game, the game they believe will keep them in power.

The sad thing is, it just might.

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