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Not all meal replacement shakes are healthy

There are a lot of meal replacement shakes on the market but many are just down right unhealthy. Take for instance Slim-Fast® 3-2-1 High Protein Milk Chocolate shake mix which contains artificial flavor, two types of artificial sweetener including aspartame, and lists sugar as the second ingredient in a very long list of standard processed food ingredients.

Also available in traditional chocolate, greenberry, and tropical strawberry

GNC Total Lean™ shake mix lists maltodextrin, a corn-based sugar as the first ingredient, followed by partially hydrogenated soy bean oil – a trans-fat shown to wreak havoc on your cardiovascular system. Then they top it off with a nice helping of artificial flavors and sucralose, an artificial sweetener.

Optimum Nutrition™, a highly rated protein shake mix on Amazon comes up short on nutrition listing a daily value of 10% only for calcium on the nutrition label. And then there’s the Acesulfame Potassium, another type of artificial sweetener, and the fact that the main source of protein is derived from a whey protein isolate – not a complete protein.

Even Herbalife’s nutritional shake mix (regardless of the flavor) is a questionable choice given the protein source is soy protein isolate, another incomplete protein. Fructose, a sugar, is listed as the second ingredient! And then there’s the mysterious “protein masker flavor” and corn bran. I’m sure glad I never bothered to waste my time on considering this line of products.

Seriously, if you’re going to spend your money on a meal replacement, be sure you’re not just trading off bad fast food for a bad meal replacement masquerading as health food. If you are currently using a meal replacement mix or drink, I suggest turning it around and checking out the ingredients list to see what you’re really getting.

A year and half ago when my fiancé bought me the DVD workout program P90X®, I received a free trial of Shakeology Chocolate Meal Replacement Mix. I found that not only does it taste great and satisfy my hunger for a good three hours, it also is made of real ingredients including whole whey protein and some of the world best superfoods like chlorella, wheat grass, blueberry, and acai. Plus, it doesn’t contain dangerous chemical additives, ridiculous amounts of sugar, or trans-fats that are devastating to your cardiovascular and immune systems.

Another thing that makes Shakeology a great meal replacement shake is the price. At only $4 per meal, you can hardly accomplish that for a fast-food meal. And in less than 5 minutes, you can mix it up, clean up, and drink your Shakeology shake!

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- Teresa Harlow, Owner, Toucan Foods