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Not all cloud services are created equal

Here's yet another set of reasons to take a look at REVLY, an innovative provider of cloud services.

Choosing the right provider for business critical applications such as email, messaging, and file sharing can make a huge difference to your business. How should you evaluate the best hosted services for your business? Here are some key items to consider.

The differences may be subtle, but not all email communications providers are equal. What makes a hosted or server-based email service great?

Let’s break it down:

Confidentiality. Lots of businesses have the need for private communications. Whether its the discussion of new inventions, the competition, or employee issues; the mining of information could be harmful to your operation.
If you are concerned about privacy instituting and enforcing communication policies is stil the responsibility of management. There is no substitute for good judgement and management (hey, blame the existence of cut and paste).

For example, instituting a policy of keeping sensitive discussions away from email and instead employing private instant messaging could pay dividends.

A trustworthy email service will not harvest your data as a trade-off for becoming a customer. With a good cloud file sharing service you should be able to protect sensitive documents with passwords and set an expiration date for the viewing of a confidential document. These proactive protection features are critical for operations such as medical offices, lawyers, and accounting professionals. You may want to consider a service that offers encrypted file transfers, video calls and voice chat. Depending on your industry, support for encrypted email and file sharing may also be necessary.

Compatibility. You may not understand the inner workings of your laptop, desktop, tablet and phone, but today's business environments demand that they should all understand each other. Once again, not all cloud productivity services are equal here. A great email service will support email and messaging between email programs like Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird, Mac Mail, Android, and iPhone.

By giving your employees additional flexibility to use their personal devices at work and synchronize their calendars and contacts collaboration and work from home projects become more manageable

Variety. Think beyond email, while its still the most utilized form of communication in the world, its not always the best way to communicate inside your business. Consider using instant messaging, file transfers, video chat, and private file sharing/editing as part of your productivity arsenal. Great hosted productivity platforms offer businesses the best tools for specific tasks.

Flexibility. Easy back end management that make on boarding or removing new users can drive your company's productivity. How often have you experienced a first day on the job where a person ended up sending personal information off of a hotmail or personal gmail account because the tech guy hadn't yet configured their email? Premium hosted cloud services should enable the management of multiple domains, users and services. For example, having the ability to set a particular user “on pause” allows you to adjust for seasonal fluctuations.

Help. Great cloud service providers offer live technical support staff who are responsive and knowledgeable. Because email migrations are complex, look for a cloud services provider who can easily move email, contacts, and calendars at an affordable price.

So do your shopping carefully. One company to take a look at is REVLY. They are now offering a great deal with up to 1TB of storage for email, messaging, video conferencing, and file sharing for just $10 per month.

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