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Not All Beauty & Plastic Surgery Procedures Are Created Equal

New Procedures Are Available- Face & Body Sculpting
New Procedures Are Available- Face & Body Sculpting
New Look New Life

Celebrities like Courteney Cox and Bruce Jenner have been in the media spotlight in recent years for their “fake” and “frozen” looking plastic surgery procedures. I mean there are others. A TON of others and honestly celebrities like these shine a negative spotlight on plastic surgery. These images you see day to day within the media scare people and make many of us shy away from the thought of any type of plastic surgery.

With new technology however companies such as New Look New Life Surgical Arts located in NYC are able to perform non-invasive cosmetic procedures that result in natural, truly transforming looks. They believe in procedures that reveal and enhance the patient’s natural beauty without leaving anyone looking cat eyed or puffy lipped.

Liposonix, Ultherapy, and Vascutouch are among the multiple procedures that are available for folks that may not want to go under the knife. Whether it is due to religious reasons, or for fear of a frozen faced future. These different processes focus on removing small areas of fat, tightening of the face, and removing skin tags, veins, spots, and cysts on the face in which will make you naturally look younger and bring out your natural beauty.

Unlike most other forms of plastic surgery, all of these different procedures are completely non-invasive and will result in a beautiful, natural looking appearance. The last thing that anyone wants after plastic surgery is to actually look like they’ve had plastic surgery. Face and body sculpting via the below methods have quick recovery time and will more than likely result in multiple secret visits to new Look New Life to see what other amazing services they might have to offer. A few of the hottest new non-invasive procedures they educated me on included:

Liposonix sounded amazing. It is A focused ultrasound that targets and destroys small areas of localized fat. Many people do not want surgery, cant have surgery for religious reasons or simply don’t need invasive. This procedure is not pain free however, but it is still done in office with minimal recovery time.

Ultherapy is 100% non-invasive and is performed using an uplifting ultrasound to tighten and tone the skin on your face and neck which can often become loose and sag as you hit middle age. The ultrasound will stimulate collagen growth underneath your skin which will ultimately tone and tighten the face and neck.

Clear & Brilliant resurfaces your skin, eliminating fine lines that naturally develop with age. This procedure is completely pain and surgical free.

Vascutouch is a special non-invasive treatment that will clear your face and neck of unsightly skin tags, veins, spots, and cysts that develop over time and become more noticeable as you age which is the last thing you want people to see. These unappealing marks tend to be the first thing people notice when they see you so with Vascutouch, you can become more confident and less insecure as these marks will virtually disappear. Vascutouch skin therapy is done using low-level radio frequencies which can clear clogged vessels, healing your skin naturally within as little as a few weeks. This procedure is basically pain free and has no recovery time.

If your vision of a beauty enhancing procedure is an invasive procedure, which will leave you in bed for days, or worse, weeks! Then I am here to tell you that times have changed. I mean don’t get me wrong, some of the larger procedures you will still need days off and your approved painkillers, but not all. Now, I have a bit of stubborn fat on my sides….I’ll keep working on it at the gym for now. But if I doesn’t come off I may be checking out some Liposonix!

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