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Not a Katrina moment for Obama, Rove destroys the king of photo-ops

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Appearing on Greta van Susteren’s “On the Record” last night, former presidential advisor, Karl Rove, crushed the White House reasoning of Barack Obama’s refusal to go the southern border. Following his meeting with Gov. Rick Perry (R-Tex.), Obama held a press conference in which he stated he would not go to the detention camps holding thousands of illegal immigrant children for “a photo-op.” The Obama White House issued a written statement shortly after using the same language that was used by the Bush White House after Katrina saying in effect, ‘the president does not want his presence to distract security elements from caring for the children.’

In 2005, President Bush was severely condemned in the media for not cancelling his vacation when Katrina hit New Orleans and sending aid the day the hurricane struck. It was two days after the hurricane when the governor asked for federal aid that the federal government responded, with FEMA trucks rolling into New Orleans within a few hours, and the president flying over the city to see the devastation first hand. When asked why he didn’t send in aid sooner or land, the Bush White House responded that FEMA could not move in until the state’s governor said they could, and the president did not want his presence to distract and remove personnel from rescue efforts for which the press crucified him as “uncaring and out of touch.”

President Bush toured New Orleans a few days later, and visited the devastated region around southern Louisiana and Mississippi some seventeen times in the following weeks, a fact that CNN’s Donna Brazile forgot after she had praised Bush for this in 2005 and condemned him anew in 2014. Rove blasted Obama saying that this crisis is nothing like Katrina, but has been months in the making. He denounced Obama observing that he had just done photo-ops at a fund raiser in Colorado playing pool and drinking beer. Rove chastised Obama saying,

“The power of the President of the United States, standing on the Rio Grande River, and saying to the people of Central America, ‘Do not send your children here. Do not send them on this dangerous and expensive journey, because if they are able to live through this journey, we will catch them and we will return them, so don’t even try.’”

Obama in Colorado

Rove concluded saying Obama is not offering any serious resolution to this crisis, but is only interested in facilitating its continuation. Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) says people are tired of Obama’s finger pointing blaming Republicans and said,

“This is a problem of the president’s own making. He’s been president for five and a half years! When’s he going to take responsibility for something?

Boehner bashes Obama

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