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2014 Winter Olympics

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Norwegian curling team pants worn by Matt Lauer; hilarious fashion on 'Today'

Matt Lauer, Al Roker wear Norwegian curling team pants
Matt Lauer, Al Roker wear Norwegian curling team pants
Today show/screenshot

Olympic curling Norwegian curling team pants have changed the fashion world. Well, technically just the fashion world on the Olympic ice. It’s become such a hit that other curling teams are trying out designs, patterns and splashes of color so people will watch the event. The Norwegian curling team pants led the way in this Winter Olympic fashion craze and don’t mind sharing their pants with the American media. On Tuesday Matt Lauer and Al Roker rocked some crazy looking curling pants during the Today show.

Has Olympic fashion ever been so bold?

Standing below the iconic Olympic rings both Roker and Lauer had the Olympic outfit from head to toe. It had to be impossible not to gawk when watching by the live shot and even fans at home were glued to the television.

The Olympic curling fashion really has been a hit around the world, and viewers who see the pants are taking time to understand the premise of the game. One of the most intriguing sports at the Winter Olympics seems to be getting a little pants time. In the Olympics any spotlight is a good one, even if it is on the legs.

As for Matt Lauer and Al Roker they definitely offered up why Olympic fashion is so interesting. And gave fans a glimpse at what everyone is glad isn't the morning talk show host’s every day attire.

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