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Norwegian cruise ship towed: Breakaway finishes trip by tow

Norwegian Breakaway
Norwegian Breakaway
Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris

A Norwegian cruise ship called the Breakaway just had to finish their trip in a non-traditional manner. On Sunday, USA Today shared about how this trip ended with the ship being towed into a port in New York. This was not the plan but it doesn't sound like they had a terrible trip.

This ship actually got stuck in the Hudson River. It happened because the ship's steering and propulsion system malfunctioned. The reports say that it was just not working at 100%. It only took about three hours for the ship to get towed to shore. They were on the last day of their trip and were headed home anyway. The water was calm when they were towed in and it honestly wasn't that big of a deal.

These passengers were really lucky that nothing really happened to them. They were able to simply tow in the ship and everyone was just fine. It did delay the next trip out though by three hours. The people planning their cruise had to deport at 5 p.m. instead of 2 p.m. Cruises have been delayed a lot longer than that in the past so it wasn't very much time to lose.

Passengers of the Norwegian Breakaway are staying quiet so far and not complaining on social networks such as Twitter. This is a great thing considering most of the time they are upset about delays etc. It sounds like they handled this all well.

According to Cruise Fever, there were 4,500 passengers and another 1,600 crew members on this ship. This is not an old ship and it just turned one year old. They should be able to fix it and get it back on the water again today as planned. This ship is the first of the Norwegian's class ships and is an amazing place to take a vacation.