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Norwegian Air brings back Pan Am glamour in new crew uniforms

New Crew Uniforms from Moods of Norway
Norwegian, Moods of Norway

Airlines have long used items such as onboard services and crew uniforms to add a local touch to the passenger experience.

In recent years, several airlines in Europe have teamed up with local designers and brands to reinterpret elements of their inflight service in a more contemporary way. The most recent collaboration comes from Europe’s third-largest low cost carrier, Norwegian, which has teamed up with ‘Moods of Norway’ for the design of the uniforms for its long haul crews.

In May 2013, Norwegian started its long-haul operations between Scandinavia, New York and Bangkok. As a part of the new service the carrier dressed the crew working on the long-haul routes with brand new uniforms designed by Moods of Norway.

Known for its quirky sense of humor, the Norwegian clothing brand bills itself “a happy brand” and has expanded internationally to Japan, Iceland and the USA. The new uniforms help recreate some of the glamour and style from the golden era of aviation when being a Pan Am International Stewardess was every girls dream.

The design is elegant and modern, and Moods of Norway has, similar to Norwegian, gone abroad to an international market.

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