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Norway terror threat warning: Terrorist attack 'imminent within few days'

Norway bracing for imminent terrorist attack.
Norway Google Map

Norway is on high alert and its citizens are warned of "imminent concrete threat" of danger against Norway coming from people "linked with Islamic fighters in Syria." Norway security service, the PST, reports on "reliable information" that they have received from a foreign partner about an attack within the next few days, according to USA Today on July 24.

This is just one more incident in recent days that reminds folks on the planet that the world is becoming a dangerous place today. Benedicte Bjoernland, who is the head of security in Norway did not say who the source was that conveyed this information. All that was said about the source is that they are highly credible.

CNN News reports today that Norway "expects Islamist terrorism attempt within a few days." They do not know what the plot is and cannot tell the citizens of that country what to lookout for in the way of a terrorism attempt. They do warn however, that there is a very good possibility that terrorist will strike and strike soon.

An investigation into the information that Norway officials received strengthened the possibility of a terrorist plot being carried out on Norway's soil. What makes the threat of this imminent attack even more dangerous is that the government has absolutely no information on the target or who the people are setting out to do this. All they can say is that the attack information is "very credible ."

The PST said that 50 people have traveled to Syria from Norway as foreign fighters last month. Half of those people have now returned to Norway. The domestic intelligent agency would not exclude that people who are already in Norway are involved in this threat of terrorism which is called an "imminent threat."

Bjoernland decided to go public with this information in hopes this may thwart an act of terror on the country. Due to this credible threat law enforcement will be highly visible at airports, buses and train stations. They will also up the number of agents stationed at the country's borders.

The PST's April assessment said that the greatest threat of terror in Norway comes from "Islamic extremists in and around Oslo." Norway's still not recovered completely from the 2011 shooting spree at a political youth camp which was orchestrated and carried out by far-right fanatic Anders Behring Breivik. That shooting spree left 69 dead and another eight people were killed in the bombing of government headquarters.

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