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Norway is on high alert due to a concrete terrorist threat

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The stability of the world is continuing to unfold today with Norway now being specifically targeted by terrorists. A concrete terror threat has been made against Norway reported the Voice of America on July 24, 2014. This information has come from Norway's intelligence agency which says it has information about a concrete threat of a possible terrorist attack from people who are associated with radical Islamist fighters in Syria.

Benedict Bjoernland, who is the head of the Norwegian security service, has told reporters that the agency has information which is reliable which has come from a foreign partner about the possibility that there will be an attack against Norway in the near future. There has not been mention of any specific target. There is no information about specifically who may actually carry out this attack or how it may be carried out.

Norwegian intelligence says a terrorist attack against Norway is possible within a few days reports Sky News. This concrete terror threat is coming from people who have links to Syrian fighters. Bjoernland has confirmed the information about this threatened attack is from reliable sources.

Norway is now working closely with counter-terrorism teams to verify this information and in order to establish whether any extra security is now necessary. There have been about 50 people who have gone to Syria from Norway to join the fighting. About half of them have returned to Norway and they appear to have something to do with this threat. Syrian President Bashar al Assad has warned that Arab, regional and western countries will soon pay a high price for supporting terror.

This terror threat comes about three years after the tragic terrorist attacks in Norway by Anders Breivik. On July 22, 2011 a car bomb was exploded in Oslo's government district resulting in the deaths of eight people. Later that same day Breivik opened fire at the Norwegian Labour party's youth camp killing 69 people.