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Norwalk CT has a new hotel

Dining is healthy at Even Hotel, Norwalk
Dining is healthy at Even Hotel, Norwalk
Even Hotel, Norwalk

On June 19 InterContinental Hotel Group opened a new hotel with a new brand in Norwalk Connecticut called Even Hotels The property is located on 426 Main Ave. and represents a fresh take on a lifestyle hotel brand that will cater to travelers that strive to stay healthier and happier when traveling away from home. This wellness concept is based on the fact that there is a growing demand for staying healthy and maintaining a healthy routine while traveling. The concept of health and wellness is an intrinsic part of Even Hotel's design and culture.

The design of the hotel is open setting the atmosphere for a restful ambience that is essential to maintain balance. There are many natural elements throughout the property as well as eco-conscious touches including real wood surfaces, a delightfully scented lobby and terrariums throughout. On arrival, guests are welcomed with a glass of infused filtered water and a cool lightly scented hand towel that helps to wash away the stress of travel. The hotel has a digital wellness wall to help guests learn about all the offerings the hotel provides as well as about local food, fitness activities and community events.

This 129 room hotel has four floors as well as flexible work spaces, dining and social areas and lovely natural outdoor spaces. Fitness is part of wellness and Even Hotel offers a three-zone gym with the best in class equipment on the market. Yoga classes, a morning community run, or a private training zone with a hotel trainer are part of the Even experience. The guest rooms have been designed to reduce clutter and stress and feature a premium sleep system, natural eucalyptus linens, and adjustable LED lighting. Showers are large and loaded with all natural EO bath products and are thoughtfully scented to invigorate or calm based on the preference of the guest, but sure to revitalize.

Even Hotel's restaurant, Cork & Kale Market and Bar offers casual healthy fare including low fat and vegetarian options as well as pre-packaged grab-and-go items that are clearly marked so guests can choose meals that meet with their dietary needs. If you have a sweet tooth, you are in luck as the hotel also offers a roster of desserts worth the indulgence. Signature cocktails made with organic and natural ingredients are also available.

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