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Northwestern Mutual offer to buy O’Donnell Park parking structure

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The offer was announced back in July, and it includes the rehabilitation of the existing parking structure and pavilion building adjacent to the new $ 450 million office building development tower to replace the well know Northwestern Mutual landmark building Downtown Milwaukee. The offer attracted opposition from park organizers and support from local businesses in the area. In the meanwhile, it’s on its way to a public hearing and analysis by the Milwaukee County on the September 10th meeting.

Northwestern Mutual is offering the Milwaukee County $14 million for the parking structure property including a $1.3 million for maintenance balance. Part of the money goes form rehab and repair of the facility including the rooftop plaza, which remains open to the public as normal, including parking for public events.

According to announcement made by Sandy Botcher, the Northwestern Mutual tower development head project manager, “acquiring O’Donnell Park just makes sense”. They are looking to improve the open space plaza across the street from the Northwester Mutual new tower development and include it within the design criteria. It also expands additional parking that could potentially be used for the new development.

Planed improvement of the parking structure to include additional green space matching the area and streetscape, updating the existing parking structure and plaza with a more modern design and equipment’s that hold zip-cars and future bike share options.