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Northwestern Launches Sports Branding Campaign

NorthwesternLogoThe fact that Chicagoans love sports is obvious; with both professional and semi-pro teams calling Chicago home, and the recent bid for the 2016 Olympics, Chicago is full of avid fans. 

It shouldn't be too surprising, then, that Northwestern University has decided to finally try to capitalize on the sports-loving city.

The Northwestern Wildcats are launching a new branding and advertising campaign on radio, in print, and on the city's many billboards proclaiming that Northwestern is "Chicago's Big Ten Team." The ads are being funded by ticket sales. 

The slogan, "Chicago's Big Ten Team" is a direct shot at the University of Illinois Fighting Illini and it's hoped that the new marketing push will help Northwestern's sluggish ticket sales.

While Chicago is a fantastic sports market, it's also saturated with fans whose loyalties run deep, so questions remain as to whether the campaign will work.

This is university's first sports marketing campaign ever, and according to ESPN, "long overdue." The college faces an uphill battle, especially when considering that no ticket marketing department existed at the university until this year.

Northwestern, however, remains optimistic; announcing the campaign, Athletic Director Jim Phillips stated: “To be certain, the university is making a long-term commitment to marketing our great sports properties the right way. We are not looking for a quick fix; rather, we will determine our level of success over an extended period of time."Northwestern Wildcats


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