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Northstar rapper Andre Johnson severs penis in failed suicide attempt

Andre "Christ Bearer" Johnson
Andre "Christ Bearer" Johnson

What is the world coming to? Reality star mothers making sex tapes and rappers cutting their own penises off????
Yep, you heard me right, Northstar member Andre "Christ bearer" Johnson cut off his penis and jumped from the balcony in an attempt to commit suicide; yesterday morning TMZ reports.
The rapper who is affiliated with the Wu Tang Clan was rushed to cedars-Sinai medical center yesterday when he jumped from the second floor balcony of his apartment building. Police are reporting it as a suicide attempt but no one knows the complete story. It isn't known if doctors will attempt to reattach his penis at this time.
Members of Northstar who also live in the same apartment say they were there but don't know why he suddenly "leapt from the balcony". By the time they made it downstairs Mr. Johnson was incoherent and running around screaming.

Northstar member severs his own penis in suicide attempt

Lord, Andre "Christ bearer" is OBVIOUSLY going through major mental and emotional issues because no man in his right mind would cut off his own penis, then jump from the second floor... Not the tenth floor or even the fifth floor but the second floor that's probably only a couple dozen feet from the ground. That was no suicide attempt but maybe an attempt to sprain his ankle or twist his wrist. The biggest injury is the penis being chopped off and if he cut it off, I say leave it off! We'll be praying for him.