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Northern Pike on the fly rod

A northern pike cruising
A northern pike cruising

Do you have a ten or 12-weight fly rod and are just itching to use it on some freshwater fish? I would like to suggest you break out a box of saltwater streamers and head out for some northern pike on the fly. When fish hit, the water boils, and then explodes like a volcano, and you have a pike on your fly line.

There are a couple things you are going to want to consider when you go after northern pike on the fly.

• Use big streamers and a ten, 11, or 12-weight rod so you have plenty of throwing power. Some fly tiers will have pike or muskie flies tied for the occasion.

• Use a salt water reel that has a heavy drag setting, you’re going to want it.

• Use a wire tippet just ahead of your fly to protect against the northern’s toothy bite.

• Work the weed lines and warm water flats, just as you would with any floating or shallow-diving lure.

• As you strip keep the tip pointed at the fly, and when the pike hits keep the tip pointed down and strip hard to set the hook.

Summer may be winding down, but there are many great fishing opportunities still to be had on the water in Minnesota. I know you will find using the fly rod on a big, toothy fish like the northern pike can be a lot of fun. Have fun, good luck, and watch those y-bones.

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