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Northern California forming new state: Secession vote, Jefferson 51st state name

Is northern California forming a new state? Voters in the highly rural and traditional area will in fact have the opportunity to put their voices to the test with an upcoming secession support vote that could make American history. If U.S. citizens in the region gain enough reinforcement, they may very well help the area split from California to create the 51st state, with Jefferson being considered as a possible name. MSN News reports this Wednesday, May 28, that a number of political reasons are behind the move, but it appears that varying views from the agrarian residents feeling overlooked and disregarded from their urban neighbors is a major factor.

State of Jefferson, part of northern California forming a new state?
Twitter Photo File, TPNN

While supporters of secession may rejoice at the upcoming voting process, the northern California forming new state news is not necessarily a recent notion. Ideas about creating their very own state have been a point of contention for many rural residents in the area for almost a hundred years. Now, local residents in a total of two counties might be able to possibly make that dream a reality.

Yahoo News has confirmed this evening that the support-for-secession voting date regarding Jefferson becoming the potential 51st state is set for June 3, 2014. According to the press release on the northern California forming new state story:

“Voters in the counties of Tehama and Del Norte, reaching a total population of a considerable 91,000 people, will have the chance this June 3 to participate in an advisory measure that involves both counties’ official board of supervisors.”

The measure is apparently intended to rally public backing in the hopes of forming the 51st state of Jefferson. At this time, a number of elected officials in the Yuba, Modoc, Glenn, and Siskiyou counties have already affirmed that they will vote in support of joining the breakthrough movement. After this appeal on June 3, Butte County will participate in the event on June 10. Most other counties are said to be waiting on the results of the upcoming ballot before taking part in the regional campaign.

"We have 11 counties up here that share one state senator," compared to 20 for the greater Los Angeles area and 10 for the San Francisco Bay Area, said Aaron Funk of Crescent City, a coastal town in Del Norte County near the Oregon border. "Essentially, we have no representation whatsoever."

Secessionist hopefuls still have a while before any actual secession attempts take place, however. At this time, all contemporary efforts are only at an advisory, or suggested, stage. They are intended to weigh the important idea of possibly creating a 51st state, and what ramifications such a decision would have. However, this is nonetheless a noteworthy occasion, and one that would eventually necessitate the endorsement of both the state Legislature and the national U.S. Congress.

While all of the northern counties that could participate in the movement amount to 16 and a significant portion of California’s land mass, they actually only account for a relatively small part of the state’s total population. Northern California isn’t the only region to consider secession either, as residents of Colorado have also suggested the momentous concept of forming a new, 51st state.

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