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Northeast thunderstorms with soaking rain roll in mid-week along I-95 corridor

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The weather in the Northeast along the I-95 corridor has been beautiful with clean crisp air and low humidity, you couldn’t ask for a more perfect weekend, but that is going to change. Drenching thunderstorms are targeting DC, NYC and Boston, all along I-95 in the Northeast for midweek, according to MSN Weather on June 22.

The weather has been great for yard work, barbeques and just about any outside activity you can think of. There was no need for air conditioning in many areas of the Northeast over the weekend, especially New England. There was a need for an extra blanket at night as the temperatures dropped into the lower to mid-50s during the overnight hours throughout New England.

This weather you are experiencing today is expected to stick around until Tuesday, then the summer sneaks back in. The low humidity has been a gift throughout the Northeast area from D.C. to Maine. CBS Boston calls this kind of weather for a “Weekend in New England” a “hat trick.” You’ve got the comfortable temperatures, low humidity and sunny skies, who could ask for more.

Come Tuesday you can expect more as the humidity comes back in and the temperature climbs. Thunderstorms and soaking downpours slip into the interior on Tuesday, with Wednesday being the day that the I-95 corridor gets its rain and thunderstorms.

According to Accuweather, the cities that will have a greater risk for the thunderstorms coming this way for Tuesday are Pittsburgh; Columbus and Cleveland, Ohio; Detroit; Buffalo and Watertown, New York; and Toronto, Ontario. On Wednesday it's Washington D.C., New York and Boston and all areas in between that should see these storms.

Come Wednesday that high humidity will blanket the area along I-95 and drenching thunderstorms are predicted. The storms will start in the morning on Wednesday with the second half of the day expected to be more active with storms.

CBS Boston reports that the average sunlight for this time of year, the beginning of summer, is 15 hours and 18 minutes, so go out and enjoy! By the time the summer ends, you have lost 3 hours and 8 minutes of sunlight for 12 hours and 10 minutes of light during the day.