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Northboro Elementary School arise to the occasion of success

There is a sufficiency in the world for man's need but not for man's greed.  ~Mohandas K. Gandhi
There is a sufficiency in the world for man's need but not for man's greed. ~Mohandas K. Gandhi
Photo by Thomas Lohnes/Getty Images

Success, Success and more Success, that’s what the happy students, teachers and parents are shouting in the community where Northboro Elementary School resides. This year many of the school’s efforts have been recognized.

“First, we received the Lowes Toolbox for Education grant which we used to purchase solar powered pumps to irrigate our gardens from our rain barrels, then we received the wonderful news that our school went from Green School of Quality to Green School of Excellence,” said teacher and Science Coach Amber Guy. “Lastly, we received a Time for Kids magazine that highlighted our schools garden efforts and featured our Green Club on the cover! The article was seen in the Earth Day, April 2014 edition K-1, vol. 4- No. 23.”

Northboro Elementary (in Palm Beach County School District) was rebuilt into Florida’s first LEED Gold certified school in 2008. Since this change, Northboro’s Green Club has been actively maintaining their Green School recognized status. Student enrollment in the Green Club this year was so high that it broke into three separate clubs; the Recycling Rangers, the Green Thumb Group, and the Conservation Crew. Each club is responsible for their areas of expertise. Some duties of the Recycling Rangers are to maintain all of the recycle programs from the paper, plastic, glue sticks, clothes/shoes, printer ink, electronics and many more. The Green Thumb Group helps maintain the three gardens on campus; the vegetable garden, with a hydroponic garden, and two butterfly gardens. The Conservation Crew keeps track of the school’s energy and water usage, communicates the data with students and staff, and engages in reusable energy activities, such as building a solar powered fan. All progress is announced through the school’s morning news.

On top of Northboro’s afterschool club, Northboro’s Green Team, which consists of teachers and parents, sponsor the school’s Beautification Days where the students, parents, and community members join in cleaning the campus and the neighboring communities. They also support the Loggerhead Marine Center by participating in their beach clean-up days.

What is a Green School?

A high-performance green school is an energy-, material- and resource-efficient education facility optimized for the health and productivity of its occupants and users. It is designed, constructed and operated to the greatest extent possible within the carrying capacity of the planet.

REF: SDPBC (Press Release) Public Affairs Office, May 2014

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