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NORTH Nordic Food Festival tickets now on sale

Enjoy Scandinavian food and culture without worrying about getting stuck in the start of a cold Scandinavian winter. The Nordic Food Festival will take place in New York City between Steptember 12-20, 2014. While some events require ticket purchases, some events are free.

This year's events will consist of popup restaurants, cooking classes, tastings, and a street fair hosted by Brooklyn Brewery. More than twenty five Nordic inspired chefs will particpate including Leif Sorensen, Frida Ronge, Fredrik Berselius, and Mads Refslund. There will be a free craft beer tasing promoting Brooklyn Brewery's new sister brewery in Stockholm, Nya Carnegiebryggeriet. On Steptember 14-15, Brooklyn Brewery and the chefs will all take part in the Nordic street fair. Entrance to the fair is free, and festival goers can sample many different Nordic foods. For those that do not like beer, there will be a coffee and dessert tasting on September 13. During the cooking classes throughout the Nordic Festival, each will have a unique look into foods of each of the countries from unique vegetables in Finland, studying the diverse cuisine of Sweden, Ebleskiver (Danish donuts), seafood dishes from around the Scandinavian region, and even classes on Christmas dishes throughout the region so perhaps one can learn how to have a Scandinavian Christmas in his home in New York City! On the second day of the event, Steptember 13, the first ever Nordic Hot Dog Championship will take place. Of all the gourmet hot dog chefs in the Scandinavian countries, who will win the title of best hot dog?

Yes, Sweden is known for their meatballs and Norway is known for salmon. But the combination of all of the Scandinavian countries have so much to offer outside of what they are famous for. Not only do they stick to their own gastronomic indulgences, they also have incorporated food from other areas of the world such as the hot dog. And let's be honest. Who knew that someday an American beer company could team up with a beer brewery in Sweden? Check out all of the events and order tickets here.

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